Exams Information

Year 11 Exams:

All students must arrive at school for 8.40 a.m. during the examination period.  Students will be provided with breakfast and will receive a short warm up session delivered by their teachers for all morning exams. Students must attend school every day during this time.


GCSE results are available from 10am until 12pm on a date to be advised, you will need to come to main reception and through to the main hall.

If you are not able to collect results on this day you will need to do one of the following:

 Collecting results from 5th September – you are able to come into reception and ask for Mrs Spencer who will be able to give you your results.

  • Posting – If you wish to have results posted you will need to leave a stamped address envelope in reception along with a letter saying that you give permission for us to post them.
  • Collection by another person – We can only give results to another person if they have a letter from you stating this is what you wish to happen that states the name of who they are to be handed to. The person will need to come with some form of identification that matches the name you have put in the letter.

 Please be aware that unfortunately we cannot hand results to anyone without a letter and we are not able to email results or give out results over the phone.

 Maths and English use numbers 1- 9 - please take a moment to look at the below help sheet.

GCSE Gradings Helpsheet

Information for Candidates:

The following examination policies are also available from the Examinations Officer on request:

BTEC Policy and Procedures
Disability Policy
Special Consideration Policy

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