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Autumn Term

29th Aug School Re-Opens to Students
2nd Sept GL Assessments Yr 7,8,9
6th Sept Year 11 GCSE PE Brecon Beacons Trip (5 Days)
12th Sept Yr 6 Open Evening 
19th Sept

Celebration/Awards Evening

19th Sept Y7 & Y11 Photographs
10th Oct Y7 Settling in Tutor Evening
14th Oct Friends of Hartshill 5-6pm
16th Oct Parental Forum
16th Oct London Trip Y9 Y10 & Y11
6th Nov

Wasps Chairman to work with  Y10 Students

7th Nov

Y7 War Horse Community Afternoon and Evening

14th Nov GCSE Celebration Evening 7.15pm
22nd Nov  Y9 Skills Show
28th Nov Year 11 Parents Evening
3rd Dec

Year 11 Parent Workshop 5.00-7.00 p.m.

4th Dec Geography Field Trip
11th Dec MAT's Got Talent
16th Dec Friends of Hartshill 5-6pm
17th  Dec  College Competitions
18th Dec  College Competitions
20th Dec School closes at 12.30 p.m.




Spring Term

6th Jan  Staff INSET Day
7th Jan School Re-Opens to Students
9th Jan Year 11 Parent Workshop 5.30-6.30 pm
14th Jan

Y10 Brilliant Club visit to Oxford University

16th Jan

MAT Performing Arts Moderation Show

17th  Jan

City College Coventry - BTEC Performing Arts Trip

20th Jan Y11 Mock Exams Start (2 Weeks)
23rd Jan Reports Y7/Parents Evening Y7 4 - 7pm
30th Jan City College Coventry Trip Y9,10,11
13th Feb Reports Y8/Parents Evening Y8 4 - 7pm
13th Feb Immunisations Y9
14th Feb Friends of Hartshill
14th Feb School Breaks at Days End - Half Term
24th Feb School Re-Opens to Students
25th Feb Staff Development Day School Closes at 2.30pm 
5th Mar World Book Day
6th Mar Science Week (Runs to Fri 13th March)
6th Mar Years 7-9 Ready for Life
6th Mar My World of Work - Discovering Who I am
12th Mar Reports Y11/Parents Evening Y11
19th Mar Y9 Guided Pathways
25th Mar Staff Development Day School closes at 12.30pm
25th Mar My World of Work - How the World sees me
 3rd Apr End of Term/Easter Break Begins


Summer Term

20th Apr School Re-Opens to Students
21st Apr My World of Work - Becoming my own person
22nd Apr Y9 Girls & Y8 Immunisations
23rd Apr Y9 Girls & Y8 Immunisations
24th Apr Y9 Girls & Y8 Immunisations
30th Apr UKMT Maths Challenge
7th May Reports Y10/Parents Evening Y10
11th May GCSE Exams Start
11th May My World of Work - Completing my CV
12th May Moreton Morrell/Animal Care Trip Y10
18th May Friends of Hartshill
21st May Y11 Dance Show
21st May Parental Forum
22nd May End of Term/Whitsun Begins 25/5
1st Jun School Re-Opens to Students
3rd Jun My World of Work - Getting the most from employer visits
12th Jun Y11 Leavers Assembly
23rd  Jun Staff Development Day School closes at 2.30pm
15th Jun  My World of Work Open Week (to 26th Jun)
24th Jun Theatre Trip Y9,10,11
26th Jun Y11 Prom Provisional Date
30th  Jun Y5 Transition Day Experience Advance to Go
tbc Jul My World of Work - Meet the Boss Practice interviews
tbc Jul My World of Work - My Future
6th Jul MAD Museum Stratford Y9 DT
8th Jul Y6 Transition Advance to Go
9th Jul Y6 Transition Advance to Go
10th Jul Y6 Transition Advance to Go
10th Jul Sports Day
13th Jul Reports Y7
13th Jul MAT Competitions Week Starts
13th Jul Term 3 Awards Assemblies Start
17th Jul End of Year Academic Awards/Sporting Colours Y7-10
17th Jul End of Term
20th Jul INSET
21st Jul INSET
20th Aug GCSE Results Day


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