Creative & Performance

Subjects within the Creative and Performance Faculty this year at Hartshill School are Art, Music, Performing Arts and PE. All are very practical subjects and require technical and creative skill. All are assessed on individual performance whether that be through a portfolio of evidence or a repertoire of applied skills performed as an individual or as part of a team. In all subjects there is a focus on developing subject specific knowledge through practical work and theory. Implementing the new Knowledge Curriculum now in place, there is a drive for students to have a deep knowledge of the subjects in the Creative and Performance faculty, and for them to revisit their learning frequently through effective use of their Knowledge Organisers.

The faculty is very proud of the student friendly Knowledge Organisers from which students are expected to learn key words and phrases as part of their homework from our subjects. Further to this, they are also a great tool from which students can also access learning at home and are to be used to prepare for future lessons.

There are many opportunities for students within the Creative and Performance faculty such as GCSE PE sports trips, School and Academy shows, as well as exhibitions of students' work. It is a faculty where students can develop their knowledge and skills and showcase them on a frequent basis.

It is a great time to be part of the Creative and Performance faculty at Hartshill School, and we are very proud of our students and their work.   


Year 8 going into year 9:
1 GCSE class (Pearson Edexcel 1-9 PE)
3 OCR classes (Level 2 Oxford Cambridge Nationals in Sport)
4 classes going Sports Leaders (accredited qualification – Sports Leaders UK)

Current year 9:
4 classes doing Sports Leaders.
3 OCR classes (Level 2 Oxford Cambridge Nationals in Sport)
2 GCSE classes (Pearson Edexcel 1-9 PE)

Current year 10:
1 GCSE PE class
1 OCR class
Core PE still offered.

Current year 11:
1 GCSE PE class
1 OCR class
Core PE still offered.

Students resources:
The following revision guides can be purchased for GCSE PE – online GCSE questions (5 a day)

Other useful links for pupils to follow via twitter –

For OCR PE – class teachers provide end of unit booklets to support students in their Contemporary Issues exam.

Sports Leaders is not an examined subject – however the link below is for a website students could visit during theory lessons to gain some extra support/ideas and understand how they are assessed.

Creative & Performance Staff

Director of Learning: Mr J Hearn

Assistant Director of Learning: Mrs S Newman

Head of Music: Mrs L Hodgson

Head of Performing Arts: Miss N Robottom

Head of Art: Mrs T Weikert-Picker

Teacher of PE: Mr J Fry

Teacher of PE: Mr J Moretta

Teacher of Art: Miss M Grant

Teacher of Performing Arts: Mr L Rice


Information on current specs being studied in respective year groups:

BTEC Tech Award in Performing Arts Level 1/Level2

Recommended text books / revision guides to supplement course
Acting: The Crucible by Arthur Miller, The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night Time by Simon Stephens, The Larami Project by Moises Kaufman. Noughts and Crosses by Maloria Blackman, Two by Jim Cartwright.
Dance: Singing in the Rain by Jean Kelly, Counting Stars by Kyle Hanagami, Rite of Spring by Nijinsky. Fame (1980) Revelations by Alvin Aile

Recommended web sites / resources to aid home learning
Acting: Naturalism (Stanislavski) Physical Theatre and Verbatim Theatre.
Dance: Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Lyrical Hip Hop

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