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An Introduction to Careers Education & Guidance (CEIAG)

All students who attend a Midland Academies Trust school have an entitlement to a Careers Education Information and Guidance programme within their school that enables and supports routes to their chosen career and embeds the concept of lifelong learning and transferable skills. All Midland Academies Trust schools support the development of each student through a series of planned activities and events throughout their time at school. This will enable them to access opportunities, develop their entrepreneurial skills and in doing so increase their employability whilst knowing the wide range of Post 16 opportunities available to them.

We believe every student should be inspired to achieve a successful future and that our CEIAG will support them in securing positive destinations.

The Department for Education (DFE) in 2012 made it a statutory duty for all schools to offer impartial Careers advice and guidance for their students in years 8-13. They also recommended that students had access to a planned careers programme which is delivered by the school but supported by specialist input from local employers, apprenticeship and Post 16 providers. Recently in December 2017 and in January 2018 the DFE provided a further Careers Strategy guidance and the requirement for all schools to provide access to providers to promote post 16 opportunities to increase participation.

All our students have access to our Careers programme, but we also recognise that some students will need more support and guidance than others to help them make aspirational and appropriate career choices. We deliver guidance through structured 1:1 sessions, through the PSHE curriculum and through direct events appropriate to the different age groups.

We have a Careers and Employability Manager who works across the Midland Academies Trust who has key responsibilities which ensure all our students receive a comprehensive programme of CEIAG.

The Careers programme in all our schools involves career sessions, career guidance activities( group and individual interviews) information and research and regular contact with external providers through events such as ‘Your Future MATters’ which brings together a wide range of employers, apprenticeship providers, FE Colleges and Universities annually. We link with our Local Enterprise Partnership to secure employer engagement and activities designed to encourage young people to find out and know more about local and national opportunities.

Careers Events 2018-2019

Date Year Group


9th Nov Year 10 Endemol Shine Ltd
16th Nov Year 9 Skills Show at the NEC
16th Nov Students from Nuneaton Academy, George Eliot, & Hartshill Careers in Healthcare - George Eliot Hospital
28th Nov Year 9 Think Higher - Explore University
28th March Year 10 Parents' Eve. Careers Adviser Attending
6th Dec Year 11 Parents' Eve. Careers Adviser Attending
4th Apr Year 8 Options Evening Parent Event - Careers Adviser Attending
4th Jul Year 10 Careers Event



The CEIAG Team

Mrs Claire Cooke - Careers Leader

Mrs Debbie Partridge - Careers & Employability Manager


Tel: 07813450650

Mr Corrie Walker - Assistant Principal

Mr Daniel Showler - Teacher of PSHE

Miss Elle Somers - Teacher of PSHE

Mr John McCall - Teacher of PSHE

Mr Joe Moretta - Teacher of PSHE


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