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We recently revealed that Hartshill School was announced as one of fifty schools to receive funding under the Government’s School Rebuilding Programme. Please click the below link to read our information factsheet regarding the proposed redevelopment of Hartshill School.
Mental Health Awareness
Please read this poster and use the signposted support mechanisms if you or your child need support.  If you are concerned about your child you should also contact the school.  In event of an emergency please seek help for your child immediately by taking them to A+E.  
Please visit our Wellbeing Hub for more information: 

Home Covid Testing: Please read this letter for more information on Home Testing and for links to record your child's result

Last updated: Tuesday 13th April 2021, 11:02am
Mental Health Awareness

Our Academy is closed to the majority of pupils.

Guidance and information regarding remote learning is available on our website along with contact details for remote learning support, safeguarding, free school meals and pastoral care. Provision is available on site for vulnerable pupils and the children of critical keyworkers – details of this has been provided to parents, however should you have any queries please contact us using the contact details on our home page. 

Contact details:

Remote Learning Support:


Free School Meals: 

Pastoral Care , counselling and wellbeing support:

Ms C Robinson - Head of Year 7

Ms M Merrigan - Head of Year 8

Mrs S Gittings - Head of Year 9

Mr J Whetton - Head of Year 10

Mr R Innes - Head of Year 11

Year 7 Transition:


For all other matters please use the normal school reception number. Our reception will take calls between the hours of 8a.m. and 3.45 p.m. If we are unable to answer your call please leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Remote Learning

Students are expected to Remote Learn when not in school. Please see the button below for more information on our Distance Learning Page.

Find out more information  regarding COVID here:

Due to the need for restricting the spread of the Covid virus parents must NOT come to school reception unless they have a prearranged appointment.  The only exceptions to this are;

          Collecting or dropping off a child due to an appointment or illness (please call the buzzer on the gate and wait there where possible)

          Dropping off items for a child, i.e. forgotten lunchbox

Please do not be offended as we will turn away any other visitor.  We do this to protect the staff within the school and to maximise the safety of your children.  Please contact us by phone or email if you wish to make an appointment.  Appointments will be on Microsoft Teams unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Visitors will have to sign to confirm they have no Covid symptoms, nor have recently tested positive or have had close contact with anyone who has tested positive. 

Thank you for your understanding.




Home learning for students

What your child should be doing at home


Hartshill School Contacts

Safeguarding Enquiries 07970 413708  
Pastoral Enquiries
Home Learning Queries 07907 344069
Any Other Queries  07907 344069 
Year 6 Prospective Students 


Key Contacts

• Warwickshire Welfare Scheme -  

• Bereavement support - COVID – 19 Support WES or 0808 808 1677          

• Family Information Service -  

• Local Food Bank arrangements/voucher collection  

• Domestic Abuse Helpline -  

• Citizens Advice Service -  

• Young Carers - 02476 217740

• Samaritans Helpline - 116123 or email 

• Childline - 0800 1111

Please read the year specific letter dated 20 August for you and your child in 'Letters for Parents' for the latest updates and plans for a September return to school.




As Year 11 parents will be aware, as a result of COVID-19, all prom events were cancelled when the UK was placed in lockdown. Whilst some aspects of this lockdown are now being eased, these do not enable any events like a prom to take place due to the social distancing measures that remain in place and are likely to remain in place until at least the end of the summer when year 11 will no longer be pupils of our Academies and will have moved to their post 16 destinations. We appreciate that this will be disappointing for Year 11 pupils however we are finding other ways to say goodbye to Year 11 and celebrate their time with us.  Any event or prom organised by parents is not official, and is not supported by our Academies. We would ask that all members of our community continue to follow government guidance on social distancing for the safety of our whole community.



Welcome from the Principal

A greeting from our Principal

It is our privilege to educate students creating successful futures for young people within our care.  A quality education changes lives and provides the foundations and stepping stones to the careers and experiences that shape us as members of our local and global community.  We are committed to ensuring education is viewed as part of a life long journey engaging in experiences that help us develop understanding of  ourselves and the world we live in, recognising the contribution we and young people can make.  Our intent is to develop our students both academically and holistically so that they understand who they are, and how they operate in the world.

At Hartshill, we believe this is about being passionate and inspiring our students to be confident, ambitious and successful individuals.  We place knowledge, learning and retention at the heart of teaching and are relentless in our pursuit of excellence in all that we do. Within our community, students and staff are nurtured, valued, known and supported to be successful citizens.

Hartshill School has a highly qualified and motivated staff who are passionate about ensuring all students feel safe, happy and reach their potential.  We offer a wide curriculum to meet the needs of all students as well as having an established and effective SEN department who support students with additional needs.

Our students are kind and care for each other.  Fairness, tolerance and respect is the fabric of our ethos and students are polite and respectful.  These positive relationships promote effective learning conditions supported by creative and engaging teaching that stretch all abilities.

As for our popularity, our student numbers have risen significantly over the last 3 years with first choice responses rapidly rising.  Consequently, the school is now almost 'full' and over-subscribed in a number of year groups.   We feel very privileged that so many parents put their trust in Hartshill and its staff to deliver the high quality education that we expect for our own children and prove with our exam results that we do everything we can to deliver on our promises.

Our motto 'No Goal is Beyond Us' infects all who work and learn here, students who are focused and engaged in learning and teachers and support staff who deliver creative and inspiring lessons.  We aim to make a positive significant difference to the lives of every individual within our care in a positive, proactive, protective learning environment.

Our website is full of information about our school and we hope you enjoy finding out more about us. We very much look forward to meeting you and providing your child with the high quality education that brings them the success they deserve.

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